Today a client was remembering why he was so hesitant to make the step to come to us and pursue a healthier lifestyle. He said the he saw pictures and YouTube videos of people working out and he was convinced that he couldn’t do what he saw them doing. “I just can’t mo...

Mark and I got a great workout at Planet Fitness Wednesday night and the “lunk” alarm only went off once.

We were told that we couldn’t do barbell RDLs but that Dumbbell RDLs were okay

Not sure why, but their gym = their rules, it just reminds my why it’s so great to tra...

One of our newest recruits to BS&F just had his one-month Body Composition check in:

Overall weight down eight pounds, but as we know, overall weight is a liar, lets dig deeper!

Fat Mass or Overall Body Fat, Down 10 Pounds

Fat Free Mass or Muscle Weight, Up 2 Pounds


Henry Smith Sr receiving a lifetime achievement award for his work in the hearing health care field. At 72, but looking and acting 20 Years younger, Henry attributes his ability to work long hours, seven days a week to his consistent workout routine with Bucks Strength...

Lose 4 pounds of Fat, Gain 4 Pounds of Muscle

Your bathroom scale tells you nothing’s changed – it lies!

Ditch the scale, Do body composition testing.

Quick and easy, take off your shoes and socks step on the body composition analyzer, you have your results in seconds.

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March 17, 2018

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