Mindful Eating

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What makes us do what we do?


“Habit that is at the heart of our successes and our failures” - Charles Duhigg author The Power of Habit.


Have you ever found yourself with a bunch of empty candy wrappers or the leavings of a “happy meal” not remembering the sensation of eating, feeling empty and still hungry?

The first time we make a decision may be very needs oriented but after that the power of habit can take over and rob us of the conscious decision-making process.

In this case, and many others, habit governed your actions, mindless eating took over and, in the end, sidelined your health goals.

The first step to avoid mindless eating and break poor eating habits is to decide to think hard about everything that you put in your mouth. 

Ask yourself hard questions:

Is what I’m eating supporting my overall health goals?

Am I truly hungry or is this just my routine?

Can I put off this instant gratification and wait until I can have a balanced healthy meal?



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